Schedule Your Next Oil Change at Betten Mercedes-Benz

One of the most common mistakes that drivers from around Grandville and Grand Rapids make is procrastinating on getting an oil change. We understand that it can be a hassle to take time out of your busy life to get it done while being able to trust there won't be any "sudden costs" or that something won't go wrong in the process. At Betten Mercedes-Benz, our team of factory-certified technicians has handled thousands of oil changes with care, respect, and efficiency so you can trust us to get the job done right every time.

There are several signs to be aware of when it comes time for an oil change, and we like to make sure that our customers are informed enough to recognize what they are. First is the color of your oil. Oil is supposed to be a warm amber color, but over time the dirt particles that accrue over time get into the oil and inhibit its ability to keep your engine cool.

Also, if you notice that your engine makes louder noises that include knocking and rumbling. This means that the oil is breaking down, and there's a good chance that you're causing damage to your engine. If the oil or check engine light turns on, it's a good sign that you need an oil change.

If any of these signs is familiar to you, we highly encourage you to schedule service online at your earliest convenience.

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