Trust the Team at Betten Mercedes-Benz for Your Routine Maintenance Needs

For Mercedes-Benz owners around Grandville and Grand Rapids, keeping your luxury vehicle going takes a sophisticated touch, which is why our customers trust the team at Betten Mercedes-Benz for all their maintenance needs. We have years' worth of experience repairing and maintaining all makes and models so if it's about time for your factory scheduled maintenance, we're ready for you.

We do everything at every step of the maintenance process no matter if it's the 30,000, 60,000 or 90,000-mile mark. We do everything from oil changes that use conventional, blended, or full synthetic to brake system flushes and replacements of brake pads and rotors.

If your vehicle is about to hit that 90,000-mile mark, consider getting your hoses replaced or your spark plugs and ignition system inspected. Also, if you have a timing belt that isn't a chain, you'll want to get that replaced as well.

Don't miss out on getting your regularly scheduled routine maintenance. It's the best way to prevent any bigger problems from presenting themselves and potentially costing you thousands of dollars. We look forward to serving you.

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