Springtime Services At Betten Imports

It is no secret that winters here in Grand Rapids, MI are long, cold, and very harsh on your Mercedes-Benz. The winter roads will take a toll on your E-Class, GLA or CLK and the best way to say goodbye to winter is by bringing your Mercedes-Benz into Betten Imports for a little springtime service and cleaning.

While the white snow of winter is often stunningly beautiful the fridge winter temperatures, corrosive road salt, and massive potholes are not things Grandville drivers enjoy about winter. They also will take a toll on your beloved Mercedes-Benz and inhibit ideal performance. Thankfully our service team is here to get your Mercedes-Benz coupe, sedan or SUV back to delivering peak performance. One springtime service that your Mercedes-Benz will most likely need is to have your winter tires swapped over for summer tires. While having your tires changed we will also realign your tires and check suspension to ensure to major damage from potholes has occurred over the winter.

Other service items that you may want to have done include having your oil changed, all exterior lights checked, brakes and brake pads inspected, and have your battery tested. We will also thoroughly wash your Mercedes-Benz to remove all harmful road salt and dirt from your undercarriage to prevent rusting or corrosion.

Be sure to give our service center a call today to get your Mercedes-Benz in for a little springtime TLC. You can also schedule your service appointment online at your earliest convenience.