This spring has us all staying a little closer to home. At Betten Imports in Grand Rapids, we know that many of our customers are observing government regulations for staying home and staying safe during the current crisis and COVID-19 pandemic, and we want you to know that we're here for you, to help you shop from home while maintaining your distance.

Thanks to the innovative tools we provide on our website, shopping for your dream vehicle from the comfort of your home has never been easier. Drivers throughout the Grandville and Allendale, MI area can browse our complete inventory online, including the latest, brand-new Mercedes-Benz models. They can also research the intricacies of each high-end model using the detailed information we've put online and compare some models to their similar competition.

Not only can you discover the perfect Mercedes-Benz car or SUV for your Holland, MI commutes and carpools, you can also start, and finish, the financing process all online. Our finance center provides a number of convenient, online tools you can use to secure the best vehicle, and the best payment, for your needs. These handy tools include:

  • Our secure finance application that allows you to apply for your next finance deal with confidence from home
  • A payment calculator that lets you determine what your monthly statement will look like depending on your favorite model
  • The trade-in calculator, which gives you an estimated value of what you can expect should you use your old vehicle's value towards the purchase of your new model

Get started on your next vehicle shopping journey while staying safely at home. Browse our complete collection and assorted online tools to learn about all the ways we make shopping from home easier, and get ready to secure your dream vehicle so you can embark on local and long-distance road trips, and make the most out of brighter days that are ahead in Wyoming, MI, and beyond.

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